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Camp Hill Resilience Plan

MCP students spent the Spring 2024 semester developing a resilience plan for and with the community of Camp Hill, Alabama, as part of the Synthesis Studio course, facilitated by Dr. Megan Heim-LaFrombois. In addition to working closely with individual community leaders and residents, the class partnered with the leaders of the Alabama Center for Rural Organizing and Systemic Solutions and the Capacity Collaborative . The students organized three community engagement workshops and conducted a number of site visits throughout the course of the semester. They collected data from a variety of sources and did an in-depth analysis of it in order to develop an overarching vision and goals for the community; a community profile; an inventory and assessment of existing vulnerabilities, conditions, and assets; identification of gaps and opportunities; strategies to address gaps, including identification of additional resources; and an implementation schedule. All this culminated into a resilience plan, which was presented to the community, that focused on three areas – downtown regeneration, economic development, and housing.

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